Fernando Alvarez De Rivera Dannhoff (B.A. Economics and International Relations)

I have always shown a profound interest for International Relations to all levels, mostly relating with geopolitics and international finance. This program, will not only be an unbelievable opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and experience, but also perfectly combines with all my interests and syllabus I have worked with the past two years. My previous work experience in Spain, Germany and England permits me to understand and integrate faster in unknown workplaces and environments. Nevertheless, I have always been interested in the history Europe has shared with the rest of the world and how decisive it has been to create these international institutions that we all know of today. I have especially been inquisitive with the United Nations integration methods maintaining the national integrity of every member and enhancing a very complex synchronisation, which has joint and dealt with many global emergencies. Therefore I am absolutely thrilled for having the opportunity of participating in this initiative, in order to simulate in the most accurate form the international institutions procedures.

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