Notable Remarks

The NMUN Tuebingen Delegation 2018 wishes to express its thankfulness for the greetings and good wishes sent to us.

(Please click on the names in order to read the greetings to the delegation.)

Sigmar Gabriel (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Portraits des Parteivorstands der SPD am 04.12.2011 in Berlin



Winfried Kretschmann (Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg)


(Source: Baden-Wü


Dr. Susanne Eisenmann (Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport in Baden-Württemberg)


(Source: © Kultusministerium Baden-Württemberg)


Chris Kühn (Member of the German Parliament)


(© Stefan Kaminski / Grüne Bundestagsfraktion)


Boris Palmer (Mayor of the City of Tübingen)


(Source: Boris Palmer)


Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier (Director of the Global Ethic Institute at the University of Tübingen)


(©GNNSJ 2013)

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