Notable Remarks

The NMUN Tuebingen Delegation 2020 expresses its gratitude for all greetings and remarks that were received.

(Please click on the photo to read the respective remark)

Heiko Maas
(German Minister of Foreign Affairs)
Heiko Maas
Bundesaussenminister Heiko Maas, SPD. Berlin, 20.03.2018. Copyright: Thomas Imo/

(© Auswärtiges Amt /


Winfried Kretschmann
(Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg)

Winfried Kretschmann

Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg)

Cem Özdemir
(Former Member of the German Parliament ; Former Member of the German Green Party’s Federal Executive Board)

Cem Özdemir


Ulrich Lechte
(Member of the German Parliament ; Chairman UN-Subcommittee)

Lechte 026-6 Ausschnitt


Dr. Nils Schmid
(Member of the German Parliament ; SPD Foreign Policy Speaker ; University of Tuebingen Alumnus)

Dr. Nils Schmid

(© Wahlkreisbüro Dr. Nils Schmid)


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