Speech Training by Cevey Consulting

Being convincing is maybe the most important skill for a delegate to achieve. Oratory is a key factor in being successful during the negotiations and giving speeches, making statements and arguments.


20180204_130756To help the Tübingen NMUN delegation 2018 in improving our body language, speech structure, and presentation skills, Dr. Marco Behrmann of Cevey Consulting visited us on Sunday, February 4th. After a short introduction concerning the theory of speaking successfully, he challenged us to write two speeches within ten minutes and to present them before the group. The first speech dealt with randomly assigned topics like foreign language lessons in elementary school, the influence of chocolate, or speed limitation on Autobahnen. The second speech was based on the research we have done on our Position Papers and was set in a certain scenario – e.g. that we had to convince uncooperative delegates of our position in a firm, but diplomatic manner. The feedback we received, additional to the training, has certainly helped us become better speakers and will prove invaluable during our time in New York.

Our delegation thanks Dr. Behrmann, Senior Consultant with CEVEYCONSULTING, for his great and generous support.

Cevey Consulting



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The Hohenheim Castle MUN (HCMUN)

IMG-20180120-WA0001It had been quite a while since our delegates were able to practice negotiating and public speaking. So it was overdue that we participated in another Model United Nations Simulation, to keep these skills as sharp as possible. In this case, we attended the Hohenheim Castle MUN (HCMUN), which was hosted in the Hohenheim Castle by the Club of Hohenheim. The main difference to our internal simulation from November was, that this time there were delegates from other universities, namely Heidelberg and Hohenheim, participating as well.

To arrive in Hohenheim on time, we met early on Saturday, the 20th of January at the bus station in Tübingen and drove from there to the castle. During the bus trip, the excited (but nervous!) chatter grew in intensity: Which of the topics will we discuss? Am I prepared enough? Will I meet people from my committee from the other delegations? Is my tie fitting properly? Et cetera, et cetera.IMG-20180121-WA0012

After signing in at the castle and approximately half an hour of mingling and networking and looking for potential allies, it was finally 10 am and the simulation began. The topics on the agenda were:

1. General and Complete Disarmament

2. Implementation of the Outcomes of the United Nations Conferences on Human Settlements and on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development and Strengthening of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

3.The Right of Peoples to Self-Determination


Finally, the delegates decided upon discussing the first topic, General and Complete Disarmament. These discussions led to five draft resolutions, that covered a variety of topics, ranging from small arms to landmines to nuclear weapons, from more controlled weapon trading systems to complete prohibition of certain weapons. In the end, the hard work, long discussions, and hours of writing and researching paid off, since four of the resolutions were adopted by our General Assembly. We felt that our previous training in implementing the Rules of Procedure or understanding how a draft resolution paper needs to be structured really helped us, since we quickly became comfortable in our role as delegates. This in turn created a productive and cooperative working atmosphere and is also one of the reasons why we will fondly remember our time at HCMUN.

To celebrate a successful simulation, the Club of Hohenheim had organized a wine-tasting event, which was a great opportunity for all participants to socialize with the other delegates and to get to know each other better. We enjoyed the local wine and food and had a great Saturday evening together. It was especially interesting for us to meet the delegates from Hohenheim and Heidelberg, who will also be part of the conference in New York this March.

A huge ‘Thank You’ is also due to the organizers of HCMUN and all the delegates from Hohenheim and Heidelberg. It was a pleasure to get to know you and to work with you. We had a lot of fun in participaring in HCMUN and are looking forward to our next joined simulation, TMUN, on the 9th of February, in Tübingen.


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Small-Town Cosmopolitan

It has just been a few days since the new year started, but our delegates are as busy as ever. For example with explaining to reporters, and thus the readers, what we will do in New York and why we are so thrilled to be a part of this experience.


This time, the delegate in question and to be questioned was Andrea Frick, member of the Tübingen WHO committee and originally from Herrsching, which is close to Munich. There she met up with a representative from a local newspaper, which resulted in a great article that details our work as delegates and what will await us in New York.

A shoutout to Andrea, for your work and commitment, as well as to the local newspaper Merkur for reproting about us.

Click here to read the article


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From Barrien to Bahrain

Welcome back on this blog! We hope all of you had a good start into this new year and are looking forward to all of the exciting things that are going to happen in 2018.

Lena Artikel

The NMUN Tübingen Delegation 2018, or to be specific, Delegate Lena Cordes, started strong into the new year with an article about our work. Lena was kind enough to sit down and talk with a reporter from her local “Kreiszeitung” about Bahrain, National Model United Nations, and her work as a delegate. The article is really well-written and captures the challenges and rewards we face in our preparation for the biggest UN simulation in the world.

So thank you, Lena, for your time and effort and a huge thanks to the Kreiszeitung Bremen as well to report about us!

Click here to read the Article


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All I want for Christmas is… a Party!

As a delegate, you have a lot to do: you have to learn about how the UN (and especially your committee!) works, what the country you are going to represent has done in the past and plans to do in the future, and doing a lot of fundraising work. And even though this is all interesting and fun in its own right, our delegates were delighted to switch the computers for a mug of mulled wine, tactical discussions for light conversation, and notes for Secret Santa presents (Wichtelgeschenke). And as you can see, we had a lot of fun that evening while getting to know each other better.


So thank you for the party department for planning everything to make this party as lively and memorable as it was!

A big shoutout is also due to the student group “Unterwegs” who were kind enough to let us borrow their rooms for our party – the party would not have been the same if we had to celebrate in our usual seminar room!

If you want to check out “Unterwegs”, just visit them here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/unterwegstu/

All that is still left to say is Merry Christmas to all of you, enjoy the holidays, and a happy new year! See you (on this blog) next year!


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Every Letter Counts

“What are you doing this weekend?”

No matter which one of our delegates you would have asked this question, the answer would have been the same. Writing a Position Paper.

So while our friends and families enjoyed their weekend, did some Christmas Shopping, or simply stayed at home doing nothing, our delegates worked hard to finish their first drafts. To help us during the writing phase, we already did a lot of research beforehand on Bahrain’s opinion on certain topics and their national and international actions, including voting records at the UN, proposed laws, national campaigns, and statements by Bahraini officials. We collected all of this research in our “Landmark Documents” two weeks prior to the Position Paper Writing. The Landmark Documents are an excellent way for us keep track of the points that are most essential to our preparations as delegates and list the most important resolutions and treaties, to which we can go back to if we need a quick reminder on what the international (or national Bahraini) position is right now.


A Note on Position Papers

A Position Paper is the first vital step towards the negotiations. It contains which treaties and resolutions a country has signed, which measures it has undertaken to match the goals proposed in the resolutions and its ideas for further improvement on these issues. And since the Position Papers will all be uploaded before the conference, writing a well-structured and easily comprehensible paper is vital for the upcoming negotiations – potential allies will read them and decide based on the presented positions whether to engage with this country in negotiations and resolution writing or not.

So even though the Position Paper Writing was a challenge in itself, it was helped by a thorough preparation and some mutual help and motivation within and outside of our respective committees. 🙂


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Chocol’ART 2017

Tübingen is famous for many things: the castle Hohentübingen, the university and its faculties, and many, many bicycles. But the cultural phenomenon that draws most tourists to the city is the annual chocolate market. More than 300.000 people are visiting the Chocol’ART each year.


While the first snowflakes covered mugs filled to the brim with hot chocolate, mulled wine or punch, our delegates braved the cold and worked on counting the visitors as well as doing surveys. Some of the delegates spent up to 14 hours and more on the market, all while working on their Landmark Documents, which will provide our delegates with the information they need in the upcoming negotiations and resolution writing phase.

We would like to thank our delegates for the time and effort they put in their work last week – the raised money will be a huge help in paying for our trip to New York in March! A special thanks is also due for the delegates that put up the timetables for the shifts and who organized everything: you did an amazing job!


On this note, we also would like to kindly ask anyone interested in sponsoring us to contact our delegation using the details below. Your help will not go unnoticed – we will add you to the sponsors page on our website and add a link to your business on our blog.

And if you need a counting or surveying team, we can be easily persuaded to put our expertise to use again!

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“Under Pressure” – The Stress Simulation

When the delegates of the 2018 Tübingen delegation entered the seminar room on December 5th, there was a surprise waiting for them: three of last years delegates visited us. They were, however, not only present to share their experience with us, but challenged our delegates with an entertaining but also educational exercise: how to deal with insensitive and incooperative delegates.

This so-called “stress-simulation” helped the delegates to understand what it means to work in an international environment that relies heavily on cooperation between members; an environment, that is formed by the values and norms of multiple countries that come together as the United Nations. This simulation was therefore not only informative but also provided the delegates with several tactics on how to respond swiftly and confidently, if similar circumstances occur at the NMUN conference in New York.


A huge thanks to the former delegates for practising with us in their free time and for their valuable tips and tricks on how to deal with challenging situations. We have definitely learned a lot and being put to the test like this has us even more anticipated for the conference in March!

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The First Simulation

During the weekend from Saturday, November 18th to Sunday, 19th, the delegates of the 2018 Tübingen delegation experienced their first UN simulation. And even though it was being held in private, with only the Tübingen delegates and our instructors present, it was still equal parts overwhelming and enlightening.


Shy, wide-eyed, and unsure about what to do we sat at our designated places at the beginning of our first simulation at 10 am on Saturday. Having learned the rules of procedure by heart, we knew what we might expect from this first simulation. But putting these rules and motions to practice was a completely different level, that put our delegates to the test: How do I raise a motion? How do I convince others to debate the topic that is most important to my country? How do I write a draft resolution, let alone a working paper? Those are just a few questions that we asked ourselves before and during the first day of the simulation.

But after only a few hours and some short feedback from our instructors, there were a lot of changes visible: The delegates became more comfortable in speaking in front of others, the draft resolutions started to take shape, and by the end of the simulation on Sunday afternoon, the delegates had become confident in their roles as representatives of a variety of different countries.

Therefore, we want to thank our instructors, our two head delegates and our faculty advisor, Bettina, Jovana, and Nora, for all the time and effort they put in providing us with this great first experience. And though we still need to learn a lot about writing resolutions and negotiation tactics, it is safe to say that we feel a whole lot more comfortable now with the rules of procedure and our roles as delegates. So thank you all for an educational and fun weekend!


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The Tübingen Delegates for NMUN 2018 are selected

We are delighted to announce that Tübingen´s 2018 delegation to the National Model United Nations has been formed. The upcoming March, we will be honored to represent the Kingdom of Bahrain in New York.

Our delegation consists of students from a variety of disciplines, adding different fields of expertise and skills. We are convinced that this will prove to be invaluable during the preparation process as well as the simulation itself.

Read about our 18 delegates on this blog soon!

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