For the Press

The National Model United Nations brings together students from all over the world, enabling them to enjoy a unique insight into the everyday work of the United Nations. The four-day-long conference takes place in New York City during the spring of every year. Each delegation represents a country and thus acts as well as negotiates according to its country’s position and interests.

The Tübingen Delegation 2019 consists of 17 students, representing the Republic of Namibia in 9 different committees during this year’s simulation taking place from the 14th to the 18th April. In order to help the delegation towards a meticulous preparation for this challenge, a weekly workshop and seminar as well as several practice simulations are scheduled throughout the preceding semester. One of these simulations is TMUN, organized by the delegation itself, and open for everybody to attend. It will take place on the 8th of February 2019 in Tübingen. Representatives of the press are warmly welcome.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us:



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