Last Friday, the 31 January, was an exciting day for the 2020 delegation of Tübingen: we hosted the TMUN, our last simulation before New York. Our delegation as well as the delegations from Hohenheim and Heidelberg met in the “Alte Aula” in Tübingen discussing the following topics:

  1. The Elimination of All Forms of Religious Intolerance
  2. Measures to Strengthen International Counter-Terrorism Efforts

After a couple of Agenda Setting Speeches as well as a short informal caucaus to discuss the agenda order, the General Assembly decided to firstly deal with the second topic. Various Working Groups were formed, all dealing with the topic from different perspectives and with different focusses. Apart from that, we heard some great and substantive speeches, had fruitful debates and of course a whole lot of fun! With the HCMUN right before TMUN, we were already trained in participating in a bigger simulation with more countries. Therefore, many things such as finding the right working group that best represents the country’s interest, were a bit easier. Lastly, the GA successfully passed four resolutions. Moreover, two of our delegates got an award for “Best Speeches” which we are very proud of. Well done, guys! 🙂

The TMUN-Team made sure that we had plenty of food in order to get all the energy we needed for having a successful simulation. They did not only offer breakfast but also a huge buffet for lunch as well as plenty of snacks and drinks. As everyone of our delegation brought something for the buffet, we had a delicious variety of all kind of foods from Mediterranean noodle salad to Romanian apple cake.

In the evening, most of the participants of TMUN had dinner in the Neckarmüller which was great due to great conversations and delicious food. It was really rewarding to enjoy dinner with a huge group of young and ambitous delegates, talking about many different topics after a whole day of hard work. The delegations of Hohenheim and Heidelberg went home afterwards. But for the Tübingen delegation the evening had even more up its sleeve…

Starting at 11pm, we had our NMUN party at the Friedrichs Club in Tübingen. What can we say – it was an awesome and unforgettable party!! The music was great, the club was nice and most importantly, the athmosphere was awesome! It was definitely a night to remember and has further strengthened our team spirit immensely.

Having in mind, that all this happened during exam period, we are even more happy to be able to mark this day as a success. It would not have been possible without the help of our volunteers – thank you so much for spending your whole day at TMUN! Furthermore, we thank the TMUN department for organising the whole event in such a professional way. Big thanks also to Lea, Savannah and Lucas who were the best dais a simulation could ask for!

Last but not least, we feel well prepared for New York now. With the semester coming to an end, we are even more aware of the huge amount of knowledge we have gained during the last few month. We are very thankful for the professional preparation we received and still receive. Compared to our first simulation at the beginning of the semester, we have improved a lot, which makes us not only confident but also even more motivated to do our very best in New York!

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