“Under Pressure” – The Stress Simulation

When the delegates of the 2018 Tübingen delegation entered the seminar room on December 5th, there was a surprise waiting for them: three of last years delegates visited us. They were, however, not only present to share their experience with us, but challenged our delegates with an entertaining but also educational exercise: how to deal with insensitive and incooperative delegates.

This so-called “stress-simulation” helped the delegates to understand what it means to work in an international environment that relies heavily on cooperation between members; an environment, that is formed by the values and norms of multiple countries that come together as the United Nations. This simulation was therefore not only informative but also provided the delegates with several tactics on how to respond swiftly and confidently, if similar circumstances occur at the NMUN conference in New York.


A huge thanks to the former delegates for practising with us in their free time and for their valuable tips and tricks on how to deal with challenging situations. We have definitely learned a lot and being put to the test like this has us even more anticipated for the conference in March!

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