TMUN 2017

Last Friday, February 3rd, the Tuebingen Model United Nations took place. Students from Hohenheim and Heidelberg attend our UN Simulation. After a great opening and welcoming speech from Prof. Dr. Thomas Diez, director of the Institute of Political Science, the Simulation started.


The preliminary agenda included the following three topics:

  • The Role of the Private Sector in Promoting Sustainable Development
  • Promoting the Social Inclusion of Children
  • Climate Change and Food Security: Strengthening National Capacity and Resilience

After a short round of agenda setting speeches, the committee agreed on starting with the third topic, Climate Change and Food Security. Various working groups emerged debating on issues such as financial support, accessibility to food, the implementation of a knowledge and technology sharing platform, the development of sustainable solutions and long-term strategies. At the end of the day and after fruitful discussions, there were six draft resolutions on the floor of which four were adopted.


We thank the TMUN department for organizing the whole event and also would like to express our great gratitude to Bettina, Alex and Robin for their guidance as the dais during the simulation.



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