NMUN Speech Training by Cevey Consulting

Agenda setting speeches, substantive statements, asserting oneself in negotiations and arguing for policy… NMUN challenges its participants in many ways, but it is plain to see that the biggest challenge is oratory. Therefore, Tübingen’s 2017 NMUN Delegation was grateful to attend a speech training session by Dr. Marco Behrmann of Cevey Consulting. After a short introduction to the theory basics, we had to give quasi-spontaneous statements on different topics. The performance itself was then subjected to a thorough feedback session.


The second exercise took into account the more comprehensive character of substantive speeches. Based on the research for our Landmark and our Position Papers we all had 10 minutes to prepare a speech. In this second speech, we had to react to different scenarios that can occur in New York – we were challenged to argue for particular measures, bridge cultural and political gaps or solve misunderstandings. Through the feedback, we all were able to improve on our performances.

Our delegation thanks Dr. Behrmann, Senior Consultant with CEVEYCONSULTING, for this great and generous support.



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